Corn 2% A Day New Pattern? Sold.

Corn 2% A Day New Pattern? Sold.

Corn Participants,

So we have players stuck short,

From Grain Bin Buster's to empty elevators, storage facilities offering free storage? Wake up Rural America, I think its your time. Yeah I know the combine is stuck in mud. Take the payment and go to the racetrack (lie) open an account and learn how your thinking is too slow motion.

You are the Fade. Buy a dime corn break?

TW- Im tickled you bought corn spreads, always a little after olive hits, but turn has been made.

(My lesson from $13wheat fraud.)

Thats your trader profile.

Make believe Corn Pit story,

One trader asks around pit, to fellow members,


YOUR SHORT, and goes around crowd. Yep yep yep.

ONE TWO THREE COVER CORN SHORTS. ( its really taxing you guys know so little about trading and so retail). Learn what this is is suggested. Want to know what the olive algo indicator is?

(No HFT Cheetahs).

So I think corn is disaster in the middle of the curve.

I sense commercials squirming so expect bids to explode higher. Game on corn bull. Then a drought? July 18 was least rainfall here. Is usda wrong? Or worse?

Where is the squeeze? Please, I've had an idea last 48hours but have pounded table since USDA HIGH PRINT PRODUCTION as pit trader Jason shared that Friday. Day7.

I did buy a spread low tick, small which also was only 2c measly off top tick.


(Alan in corn pit today,

Shouting, "What's the offer ?

And buying high balls. Get the quote out.

Sell wheat and sleep in the street?

Bean oil low was old OLB, 2793 was it? On train.

Bonds got a little beat up off 150 handle, scalp.

If you want to learn different,

Why you must Mute your News Feed and see with clear focus that corn is in a rip roaring runaway gapping pattern.

How are you going to catch?

I teach different fundamentals that already factor into where price is currently.

You want to trade future price.

Like WSJ yest on Hogs. Packers raising prices.

This is slow motion to me which brings up

Jake's mentor to me;


Alan, just remember the smarter you are;

The earlier you will be.




This advice goes to everyone,



Invest in an education in trading from a skeptical trader from the Soybean Pit?

I was 1st on CBOT floor to run Fujitsu CQG wireless. Year is a blur.

Best of Trading to All

From a CQG user this am. He cracks me up and told me he has never seen a red diamond,....


If only people would really think about these six lines below 'cause you give really great advice:

"Sell Soybeans Short?

Seriously are you thinking ok?


Think of it (and if you sold corn? Enough, buy fut.s)

Selling beans Short under or at$8.00, 770?

This is All IN THE NEWS"

I guess people really don't think much Alanon. I want to call you Alanon because this is like alcoholics anonymous but without the drinking.

I see you like the long side in corn whereas all the "fund mongrels" are heavily short just like in COT soybeans.

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