Corn- Wettest Ever on Record, day 6

Mkt Sentiment? A Few Live Opinions.

All rumors, news and fake, levels guesses (hopefully educated) patterns and ideas to cut through the hype in commodities today.

Speculators, Planters Stuck in Mudd. British Pound, Drought plays?


(take the prevent in Corn)

Its just as I expected especially with you good ole boys telling me worst corn ever. 1st-time-ever's is rule in corn but dont shoot your foot off. Corn spreads to the moon Alice."!

That's what you pay for self directeds' and Farm boys and girls point and click in HFT world. Oh yeah, CFTC, 2 of 5 or 6 guys say investment in HFT s/b protected. What happened to Chiltons CHEETAHS ?

A Fellow CQG part time trader and I talked Sat. To share what value I provide at team NASDOG is this;

Full-time expertise detecting lattest pattern to ride or not be Goldman's hood ornament. GS is now on radio ads looking for your money. I know how this ends after 30 years of thought.

So my contact marveled as he found out each mofu month, spread has its own rules, patterns and lines where most if the time front month is the most extreme. Until spreads collapse like LH and Corn spreads where

For dummies---

Buy Dec 19 sell Dec 20 because they will plant the P out of corn next year.

They is YOU!

CZ9CZ0 hit OLB -35-ish more below. It liquidated then exploded up to minus .08c was it?

Expect Unepected. This is only 6th day off maybe ALL TIME LOW this cycle.


I think spreads caught people off guard and offer really good chance to make a year.

These are spreads and I ASSUME DAY 6 Off my CYCLICAL low for long term bottom in commodities.

Yeah but your almost broke.

Give Monsanto a year off?

Long live some bees.

The point is shortfall that was unexpected may be in what month? And surplus in another few months.

Figure it out or find a way to get a pulse. I told you we will have most volatile mkts ever. My opinion still, not changing.

Wheat mold? Lotto calls maybe puts and on break do what?

Cheap mans synthetic?

Small but everywhere,

SCATTER THE FIELD with bids or offers.

If corn maybe breaks a dime but this puppy changed overnight and funds are loaded keg of shorts.

Alanism- He whom covers first,

Covers best

Hogs- spook me. We are doing lower highs.

Beware of what way we come out of this big bottleneck.

CQG student- I can drop these conditions like say diamonds so you can see what algos use as their risk stops on YOUR machine.

All my stuff on your screen.

On Campaigns of ONE WAY buy or sell programs.?

Plus I show how to construct trendlines the dots, we see trigger major panic and turning points.

Sweet when your order standing,

margined order due to proper funding of trading account.

Sell Soybeans Short?

Seriously are you thinking ok?

On $1.50break!

Think of it (and if you sold corn? Enough, buy fut.s)

Selling beans Short under or at $8.00, 770?

This is All IN THE NEWS

I underappreciated as new clients ask in LH last week on bearish # and mkt posted outside up day?


(You need help, SISA?)

Hello and smell Coffee (and buy cannonball OLB, around 90 and below, back months, 140 calls, not 240 a typo but what do you know?

Cotton- I have my famous Buy 200 cotton (.30c in freefall)

level and it may happen in nanoseconds not when some guy in field with no pulse on your,

real market fundamentals in technical analysis where

knowing funds are hosed short

so BUY CORN AND FRONTRUN those mongrel fund varmints now.

Do not Hedge and to the Ethanal guy TOO BUSY? Sitting on fence last year?

Whats an olive worth?

Risk exponential different now.


Ball in mouth.

Dont ask next dime now. Take an olive or take a pass. Right?

Corn Funds will be long 2.0bil in two months ?

so expect the unexpected

and consider investing in what you most likely has no clue on what,

to look for in the charts,

letting alone your buying the news when you should be SELLING THE FACT. Addage.

Risk of course in balance view is corn could break.

Disclaimer but boy do we seem to have a grain market,

with lunatic bears in the fields


Are you the Olive Line Victim?

Don't be goldy hood ornament.

Shortage in July. Corn spread ideas are live. Corn- turns into a runaway bull?

No speed limit in futures.

CFTC COT- is fishy with index fund behavior on report? Fed account?

Always use a stop to calculate risk loss or go home flat.

I have different rules for those (algos) students of markets that like to trade patterns, reversals, special timeframe minutes (last week nasd and OLS by high, my dow guy sold and thanked)

That give some sort of courage to step out after two huge bars up.

Education of what numbers to use and above in Nasdog education.

Email priority is available in your market for a fee in the most volatile 20-30% swing trades now in months.

Or go it your own against NASA Data Scientist's.

Use stops then.

Buy a corn break next 24 hours. Call to see what spreads and why I like.


Alan Palmer

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