Wyoming, West Nebraska and SW Dakota Grazing Fee Report
Torrington, WY    Thu May 09, 2019      USDA-WY Dept Ag Market News

       Wyoming, Western and Central Nebraska and Western South Dakota 
            2019 Annual Grazing Fee Report as of May 09, 2019     

    Summer grass lease price for cow/calf pairs in Wyoming were mostly 
steady to 2.00 higher, Western Nebraska steady to 5.00 higher, Central 
Nebraska and Western South Dakota mostly steady. Yearling grass rent in 
Wyoming was steady to instances 1.50 higher, Western Nebraska steady to 
5.00 higher, Central Nebraska 2.00 higher and Western South Dakota mostly 
steady.  Some land owners went up to help cover the increase tax burden 
in some states while other land owners are happy at their current summer 
rates. Most of the higher prices are for full care while the lower prices 
the tenants have to fix the fence, look after the water and other things 
for the summer grass.  Second year in a row where grass is slow to grow 
as unseasonal cool temperatures with some late frost and snow have 
prevailed this spring across all reporting areas. Most reporting areas 
are in good shape for moisture. However, as of this week, some areas of 
Wyoming are abnormally dry with moderate drought in the Big Horn 
Mountains. Several cattlemen had a very hard time finding an open grass 
lease across Wyoming. A little more readily available grass was on offer 
this year in some areas of Nebraska. Most of the leases are based on a 5 
month grazing season with some of the higher elevation ranges around 100-
120 days grazing periods. 
    Pasture and range report (NASS) for May 05, in Nebraska comes in at 
80 percent for good to excellent with last year at 50 percent. South 
Dakota pasture and range is 61 percent good or better compared to 40 
percent in 2018. Wyoming 2019 stats are not published by NASS this week 
and will be updated when released, last year 60 percent good to excellent 
was reported on pasture and range.  
    Topsoil moisture in Wyoming is at 85 percent adequate (76 percent in 
2018), 78 percent adequate in Nebraska (71 percent 2018), and 63 percent 
adequate in South Dakota (81 percent 2018). 
    Stock water supplies in Wyoming rated at 86 percent adequate (89
percent 2018). Stock water supplies are no longer reported by NASS for 
Nebraska and South Dakota. 
    Wyoming NRCS weekly snow report for week ending Apr 22, 2019. Snow 
for this week weighted state average (area) is 102% with a low of 33% and 
a high of 138%. Same week last year state average was 123% with a low of 
74% and a high of 233%.  

     Prices quoted for cow/calf pairs are per unit/per month, and for 
yearlings per head/per month.  Most contracts are for a 5 month season.  

                                  --Cow/Calf Pairs--
                       --2019--                      --2018--

Western Wyoming      18.00-35.00                   25.00-40.00   
                   Mostly 25.00-35.00             Mostly 25.00-35.00
                    Instances 40.00                              
Eastern and          20.00-45.00,                  25.00-43.00,
Central Wyoming    Mostly 30.00-35.00            Mostly 30.00-35.00 
                                                   Instances 55.00    
Western Nebraska     28.00-60.00                   35.00-60.00
                   Mostly 40.00-50.00            Mostly 35.00-50.00
                    Instances 65.00-70.00          Instances 65.00       
Central Nebraska     50.00-70.00                      60.00-80.00
                   Mostly 55.00-65.00             Mostly 60.00-70.00    
                    Instances 75.00-80.00                        
SW/NW South Dakota   35.00-50.00                    35.00-68.00,
                    Instances 60.00               Mostly 45.00-55.00 

                       --2019--                      --2018 -

Western Wyoming      15.00-25.00                  17.00-30.00
                    Mostly 20.00-22.00          Mostly 20.00-22.00

Eastern and          18.00-30.00,                 20.00-35.00 
Central Wyoming     Mostly 20.00-25.00          Mostly 20.00-25.00 

Western Nebraska     25.00-40.00                  25.00-35.00

Central Nebraska     27.00-37.50                  25.00-35.00

S.W. South Dakota    20.00-35.00                  20.00-35.00 
                      Mostly 30.00               Mostly 30.00
   Note: Lease contracts vary widely even within specific areas.  
Generally the high end of the price range requires landlords to 
maintain fences, check windmills/ponds/stock water, cattle, provide 
salt/minerals, etc. While on the lower end of the price range cattle 
owners are responsible for these services.  Sheep to cattle pasture 
ratios are usually 6 to 1.

Source: USDA-WY Dept of Ag Market News, Torrington, WY 
        Thomas Walthers and Kaye Orton, 308-390-5399/307-532-4146 
        24 Hour Market News Recording 307-532-7200
        Office email: torringtonwy-LPSMNLS@ams.usda.gov

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