WY, West Nebraska and West Dakotas Direct Feeder Cattle WTD Average
Kearney, NE     Fri Mar 09, 2018   USDA-NE Dept of Ag Market News
Wyoming and Nebraska Direct Feeder Cattle Summary

Feeder Cattle Weighted Average Report for 03/09/2018

Receipts: 1,165    Week Ago: 2,262    Year Ago: 1,917     

    No comparable sales from last week for a market comparison. Demand 
was moderate to good with several feedlots buying cattle at the end of 
the week. With sharply lower CME cattle boards on Thursday many country 
sellers decided to pull the hammer and take current bids from feedlots 
thinking they could offer a lot less money next week. Nebraska harvest 
cattle sellers should feel really good about their marketings this week 
as the packers are looking at the April board for procurement guidelines. 
Nebraska showed another light supply of market ready cattle which aided 
in this week�s relative steady market. Live sales sold 127.00 and dressed 
sales from 204.00-205.00. Few, bred cows going to the Southern Plains as 
producers that have some feed decided that the �short-term� cows are a 
better buy then buying grass cattle at near the same price per head.  
Direct prices are current FOB with a 2-3 percent shrink or equivalent and 
with a 10-20 cent slide on calves and 6-8 cent slide on yearlings from 
base weight. Delivered prices include freight, commissions and other 
expenses. Current sales are up to 14 days delivery. Receipts this week 
included 48 percent heifers and all weighed over 600 lbs. 

     Feeder Steers Medium and Large 1: FOB: 735 lbs 159.50; 850 lbs 

     Feeder Heifers Medium and Large 1: FOB: 725 lbs 143.26; 800 lbs 
                Feeder Steers Medium and Large 1
 Head   Wt Range   Avg Wt    Price Range   Avg Price  Delivery
  200      735       735       159.50         159.50   Current FOB   
  400      850       850       148.50         148.50   Current FOB   

                Feeder Heifers Medium and Large 1
 Head   Wt Range   Avg Wt    Price Range   Avg Price  Delivery
  215      725       725       143.26         143.26   Current FOB   
  350      800       800       133.00         133.00   Current FOB 

Replacement Cattle

Receipts: 90     Week Ago: None    Year Ago: None 

Bred Cows: Large 1: Aged 1275 lbs 3rd trimester 1050.00 per head.

Source:  NE Dept of Ag - USDA Market News Service, Kearney NE
         Thomas Walthers, OIC 308-390-5399
         24 Hour Market Report 307-532-7200

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